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September 12, 2011, 11:18:58 AM posted by Rheem Octuris
Just to let anyone know who finds this site: Queens Aegis died quite a while ago.

If you are a person looking for a guild, you won't find one here.

If you are a spammer, know that I have disabled forum registration, and am cleaning up all the spam posts to preserve the website as it used to be.

If you are a former guild member looking to see what everyones up to, then post something inside and maybe someone will respond to it eventually.

April 27, 2010, 07:35:30 AM posted by Irenie
Hey everyone!  Well after a long break (while moving may I add) I am back in game. I should see you all tonight. Let's start recruiting for our nice casual guild again. If you are interested in QA please contact me or Crystalyn. We'd love to talk to you.

Can't wait to see you all in game! I've missed you sooooooooooooooooooooo much!

March 01, 2010, 12:36:47 PM posted by Irenie
Hey guys!  I have been on a bit. Crystalyn and Bopoon are working on redecorating the guild hall and getting those writs going so we can be lvl 81!! So far everything is going well with the house. We close on the 15th of this month. My EQ2 account will go down on the 18th until I move. I mean it this time. I need to pack. I'm hoping to be back the first week of April some time.

We are recruiting for the guild. So please if anyone knows a great person who wants to be part of a nice casual guild, have them talk to Bopoon or Crystalyn. Or me if I'm on. We'd love to start building our members back up.

See you in game soon!


February 09, 2010, 06:38:18 PM posted by Irenie
Hey everyone. I"m updating the news. With all the weird stuff that has gone on in the past month, I am working on rebuilding the guild. Unforunately, for the guild, I must take a break to move in two months. However, Feilex, Taylena and Bopoon will be in charge until my return in April. I"ll get back in game as soon as I can. I'm trying to save a little money while we work out all the stuff on the house.

Please be patient. I will be on the boards and my stewards will be keeping me informed on what's going on. Have fun on the Expansion!


QA guild leader

October 19, 2009, 08:07:28 AM posted by Crystalyn
Good morning! We had another very successful weekend. Did PotAO, ToMC, then cleared trash in VP (and took down Hoshkar!! Woot!) on Saturday. Sunday night we devoted to VP and took out Silverwing and the Taskmaster (and the one we had to kill before Silverwing to take the teleporter.. can't remember his name, sorry). Great job, everyone!!

Timeless, Mongul, Briseis, Gabriels and Coerced all made full members. Grats!! Now on to the results of Sat/Sun raids:Talyssa & Yufu both got their myths (10/17). Brekkik and Viilanta (Elhonna) mythed (10/18). Wooooot!! Grats to everyone. Let's keep those myth updates coming!

October 12, 2009, 08:51:51 AM posted by Crystalyn
I'm so bad about updating, but had to this morning due to such an awesome night last night! But we'll start with earlier, when we did WoE and cleared up to Grush before people had to leave. Got more great gear with more patterns. Then on Saturday night, we went first to PotAO and rocked that first named, then on to SoH, where we cleared up to and including the Sisters, then moved on to ToMC, where we killed the first few named and attempted the snake. We'll get him soon, too, I'm sure. More great gear and more patterns. Great night!

Sunday night found us doing Levi again first for that update for a few people, then we moved on to VP. We took down Druusk, no problem, then moved on to Hoshkar, and beat his ass. Then moved on to Phara Dar, and attempted Silverwing, but too many people had to log because it was so late. Next time! We totally kicked ass in there last night, guys! So now to the best part!

Mekere got her Myth on Saturday. Then last night, in VP, we got several myths: Outof, Feuc, Crystalyn, Ommegeddon and Paconia. Wooooot!! Grats to all of us! Last keep rocking VP and getting those myths, everyone!

September 08, 2009, 07:46:21 AM posted by Crystalyn
So, here I am, late with the news.. again. Sorry. It's been a good couple of weeks for QA. First off, we have alot of new members:Sharrana, Raindropz, Paconia, Krevan, Gute, Shikome, Killerninja and Sicco. Yufu and Xraxis both became senior members, having been with us for 6+ months. Elhonna achieved 200 AA and Xlax hit 80 with Aloe. Wooot! Grats to everyone!

Attendance has been a little on the shy side recently, as everyone is trying to wind down their summer, and with Labor Day weekend, we only had enough for 2 groups, so we hit up WoE and burned through all the named up to Aidan. Only did one pull on him, but we'll get that strategy down, too, and then we'll have another trophy to add to our little collection. Thanks for a great time, Xlax.

Guess that's it for now, except for this: Summer is over.. get your butts back on for raid night! I want my mythical!!! Love yas!


August 17, 2009, 07:29:46 AM posted by Crystalyn
 Wink  So, not much happened during the last 2 weeks, Promoted 2 more recruits to full members: Kilgore and Feuc. Grats!! And Glowinglight hit level 80. Woohoo!

Another successful Saturday night where we took out Levi again, and got a few more updates. Not enough people on to attempt VP, so we headed over to Palace of the Ancient One and smoked the first named in there! Awesome job, guys! You guys rock! And yes, we have the uberest raid leader evah!! Bye now!


August 03, 2009, 07:53:38 AM posted by Crystalyn
We had a lot of people who were promoted to full member this week, so a big grats to Zyta, Interfector, Lionoh, Liggity, Nexia, Deoxa, Aingel, Darlin and Fokuu. And welcome to all the new recruits we had over the week.

Saturday night, we did Levi first for more updates, ,then moved on to Pawbuster to get that staff for Kor'Sha.

Sunday night was a really big night for us, though. We went to VP again, and took down Druusk finally, and moved on to Nexona. She still needs some work, but you can believe we'll get that strategy down and be smoking through to the other names in no time. Make sure you send a BIG congratulations (and about damn time!) to Dianomite, Irenie and Rheem for getting the first three mythicals in the guild. This is the first time any of our members have gotten their myths in an all (mostly) guild raid! Wooooot!!! I will have Rheem post pics later today when I get home from work.


July 27, 2009, 07:31:36 AM posted by Crystalyn
Welcome to all the new recruits that just joined the best guild on the server this week! We're very glad to have you here. And a big grats to our newest full members: Parlim, Prexodious, Neferteti, Brekkik, and Gamtheb!

Busy weekend for us. We did Leviathan for updates, then a PR run for plat on Saturday, took down the first 2 named in ToMC then moved on to VP on Sunday. We slaughtered the first 2 named in there easily, and made our way to Druusak. We made 2 attempts at him, but due to lack of time and people needed to log because of EVIL work today, we stopped there. No worries. We'll take him down first next week and get our first Mythical updates before we move on to get more! Wooot! This was a really big step forward for us. You guys rock!!

That's it for now, but next week, I can't wait to post the names of everyone that got their mythicals!! Please give us your support by coming to help, even if you don't need yours!