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Title: About Queens Aegis
Post by: Irenie on April 09, 2008, 04:05:51 PM

Queens Aegis was established on January 25th, 2005. The guild name was chosen to represent Qeynos as the majority of it's founders were of good alignment. Over the past 3 years, Queens Aegis has befriended players from all corners of Norrath stretching to the lands of Freeport, Neriak, Timerous Deep as well as Qeynos.

Queens Aegis provides a fun, friendly environment catering to players that enjoy game content with a casual raid atmosphere. The guild offers a comfortable, relaxed opportunity for all players to trade and conquer the world of Norrath at their leisure. The combination of loyalty, friendship and comradery have created a solid foundation and support system. Queen's Aegis is driven on teamwork and it's determination remains the focus of it's continued success.



Guild Leaders: Crystalyn, Rheem, and Irenie
Guild Officers: Xlax, Liumissa and Kyrae.



Queens Aegis raids on Saturday nights at 6:00 PM Central time and Sunday nights at 6:00 PM Central time. They are NOT mandatory. Other raids may be established during the week depending on numbers and wants of the members in game.  Sign-ups for these raids are posted on the forums. Please sign up to ensure a spot. These scheduled raids are lead by Xlax.

Queens Aegis uses a DKP system for scheduled raids. For details on this system, please visit our raid forums.